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FreedomPop – article recap

One of the most expensive bills that most people pay each month is their cell phone plan, which can add up to hundreds of dollars due to minutes used and data that accumulates. FreedomPop is one of the latest wireless providers to offer affordable rates and plan for those who want to save more money.


FreedomPop is one of the top 4G mobile broadband providers and offers service to 70 different cities in the U.S. Each FreedomPop review on the web discusses the free data that is offered to customers who register through the company. Users receive 1 GB of data for free each month after paying a convenient one-time fee for a router and modem. The provider also take pride in their affordable monthly rates with different plans that are available at various price points. Those who spend more time on their phone can still save money with FreedomPop’s most expensive plan. Although their data limits are lower than other cellular providers, it can pay off for those who only need to use the Internet on their smartphone a few times each day.


There are three different plans that are available through FreedomPop, which makes it easy to register and sign up online. The free plan comes with 200 free voice minutes, 500 MB of free data, and 500 text messages. Users can also take advantage of the $5 free wi-fi service option that connects to over 10 MILLION wi-fi hotspots across the U.S. instead of to cellular towers. Those who want to spend more time on their phone can still save with the unlimited plan that is only $19.99 each month for unlimited data, unlimited text messages, and unlimited talk.


You can also avoid exceeding your data usage with alerts that keep you informed throughout the month. The company also plans to send out text messages with information on your usage in the near future for added convenience. Those who need to use more data during the month can easily purchase or earn extra data. Users are encouraged to connect with their family members and friends who are also using FreedomPop, which will provide them with 10 MB of free data each month. Those who refer friends to the cellular provider will also receive 50 MB of free data each month. This makes it easy to use more data at no cost if you continue to refer friends to the service.


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