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Forex Education the NetPicks Way

In 1996 when Mark Soberman, a seasoned trader, founded NetPicks his objective was to guide traders to profitability. To that end, Mr. Soberman created NetPicks, a teaching tool for traders. NetPicks is a video-based learning program which teaches traders the ins and outs of the forex market.

The forex market is gigantic compared to all other financial markets. With $5.3 trillion changing hands every day, it dwarfs the stock market, and all of the commodities markets in the world combined.  Click hitechchronicle.com for guiding tips.

NetPicks, based in Irving, Texas, has an experienced team of trading coaches who work with traders every step of the way as they master the program. The video lessons are designed to be completed in weeks not months.

The program teaches traders to study the market taking various factors into account, such as the following:

  • political news
  • news affecting monetary policy
  • macroeconomic factors

NetPicks goes well beyond teaching traders to appreciate the fundamental aspects of trading. Traders are instructed to remove emotions from their trading. NetPicks accomplishes this by emphasizing technical analysis. The program promotes the understanding that “prices are a reflection of information.”

The NetPicks training course equips traders to discern opportunities in the forex market. By the end of the course, traders acquire the ability to scan price charts for high probability setups. Using these methods traders can make more profitable decisions when opening and closing positions.

The program also prepares traders in the vital areas of money and risk management. Emphasizing limiting the risk of any individual trade to below 3 percent. The course gives much consideration to the notion that forex trading is all about managing your exposure. A smart conservative approach to dealing with forex will always place preservation of capital above profits.

Although people new to trading stand to gain enormously from this program, experienced traders have used it as a review course. The video coursework makes it possible to brush up on your old knowledge effortlessly.

This straightforward, yet rigorous training program prepares traders to formulate trading plans with positive expectancy. That is to say, a methodology which will produce profits over the long run.

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