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For Glenn Schlossberg, Time Off Is Essential For Creativity

Many of the top business people in the world seem to work around the clock. They don’t take much, if any, time off. In many countries around the world, people are taking less and less time away from the job. Glenn Schlossberg doesn’t believe that working all day every day is the way that helps him in business and life. He values and needs time away from work in order to come up with creative ideas.

Glenn Schlossberg is the CEO of Jump Design Group. This is a women’s clothing company that includes brands such as Bebe and Tiana B. Jump Design Group targets the middle market, and their clothing is often found in retail outlets such as Macy’s and Nordstrom’s.

Glenn Schlossberg has stated that most of his major creative ideas have come when he is away from work and on vacation. It takes him about two or three days away from the daily grind to clear his mind and relax. Then, new ideas begin to come to him. Mr. Schlossberg’s team at Jump Design Group often wait for the vacation email from the boss telling them about the new and exciting ideas that he has just come up with.

Based on interview.net, when he is at work, Glenn Schlossberg is on the go heading to meetings with his team and with other creative professionals. After each series of meetings, he always takes a few days off. Without time off, he can’t be creative.

Racing is Glenn Schlossberg’s favorite activity. He recently took some time off and went to the MacLaren’s test facility in the UK. He has also recently visited a BMW test facility located near Seoul, South Korea. At this track, Mr. Schlossberg said that he could really get out and race.

Research is beginning to show that Glenn Schlossberg’s philosophy of taking time off has a lot of validity. When people are able to take breaks, even if it is just a long break at lunch, they are able to come back on the job and be more productive and come up with many new ideas. ┬áTo see more about Glenn you can visit inspirery.com


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