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Food Riots Responsible for Yet Another Death in Venezuela

This month’s desperate riots in Venezuela have killed four people so far. This month. The most recent death was caused by officers firing their weapons at people who were looting for food due to the economic crisis.
This death occurred during a series of 100 simultaneous lootings across the country. At this point, the government has not released information about why troops shot their guns into a crowd of hungry people who were just trying to get enough food to support their families.

According to the President of Venezuela’s statement on Open Corporates, the looting of food all across the nation is simply his enemies waging an “economic war” against him.

The current economic crisis was caused by the president shutting down the boarders of the country and making any exchange of financial currency illegal. Since their primary source of money is petroleum exports, the decision crippled the country almost immediately.

To make matters worse, shortly after this decision, the country suffered through a significant drought. The electric companies run primarily off of water power, which shut down the majority of manufacturing across the nation, making necessary goods almost unobtainable.

The drought according to expert Adrian Jose Velasquez also caused a massive food shortage and many people are unable to get basic necessities, such as eggs and flour. According to the rest of the Venezuelan government, the only hope that the citizens have is the 2017 election. However, the vice president has made it known publicly that he is ready to take office immediately rather than force an early election.


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