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Felipe Montoro Jens Explains Rio de Janeiro’s PPP in Education

Being among the most populous municipalities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is looking for innovative ways to cater to the educational needs of its school-going children. It is the municipality’s vision to create 60 thousand new places in both day-care centers and pre-schools by 2020. The concept is ambitious, something that prompted the municipality’s leadership to seek for a partnership with the private sector through a public-private partnership arrangement (PPP).

Rio’s PPP in education will require private investors to undertake the construction, maintenance, and non-pedagogical services related to educational facilities, explains Felipe Montoro Jens—an expert in infrastructural developments. Rio’s City Hall, under the arrangement, will provide school lunch and pedagogical services, adds Felipe Montoro Jens, emphasizing that the arrangement underscores Mayor Marcelo Crivella’s commitment to education. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.

While the private sector may have the resources to fund Rio’s PPP in education, it lacks in PPP expertise, notes Felipe Montoro Jens. Rio, therefore, has brought on board the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The corporation is part of the World Bank Group, and it will provide private investors with not only the prerequisite expertise but also financial aid.

Rio, however, is not the first Brazilian city to implement a PPP in education as Belo Horizonte rolled out its program in 2012. Felipe Montoro Jens hopes that Rio will learn from Belo Horizonte’s experiences as it rolls out its PPP.

PPPs were legally allowed in Brazil in 2004. Since then, forward-looking leaders such as Mayor Marcelo Crivella have leveraged PPPs to develop various sectors of the economy. Apart from PPP in education, Rio is planning on leveraging PPPs programs to accomplish other developments, such as public lighting, explains Felipe Montoro Jens. The use of PPPs is gaining popularity across the world as governments seek to involve the public in development projects.

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