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Facilitating Sustainable Development Through Constitutional Law

Sustainable development is the development that takes places in the present without compromising the future development. The constitution of a country governs sustainable development. The governance of a country will cost the future and the present generation if it is irresponsible. The primary facilitator for the achievement of sustainable development is the constitution of the government. The constitution enables sustainable development by governing the present government. It controls the main activities of the government so that it does not interfere with the future opportunities of the generation. The exploitation of the country’s resources is helpful because it boosts the economy. Over-exploitation is not helpful because it depletes other resources. The constitution is an indicator of the extent to which a government can exploit its resources. The ability of the constitution to control the government at different levels is key to the development of a given nation in present time and the future.

Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional lawyer. He reviews and writes the different constitutions of different countries. Sujit Choudhry is a professor of constitutional law. He has a wealth of experience. This enables him to carefully analyze the constitutional design of country in order to change it from a dictatorship state to a democratic state. He also reviews different constitutions and enables sustainable development. He facilitates peace in violently torn areas. He is a popular leader in the industry. Sujit commands professional respect from various institutions. Click on crunchbase.com for an update of Sujit’s timeline activities.

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Sujit has worked in different schools of law to impact young lawyers with his expertise and skills. He uses these skills to mentor them and introduce them into constitutional law. It is a sensitive practice. He uses his network to enrich the young lawyers with various opportunities in constitutional law. Read blogs, visit Sujit on facebook.com.

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He has written numerous papers in line with constitutional law to add knowledge in constitutional law. He has been efficient in different international bodies that champion human right. He has worked with United Nations and World Vision to develop the constitutions of various countries and give constitutionally related solutions. He has reviewed different constitutions of various nations including Tunisia, Libya, and Texas.   With reference from blogs.law.nyu.edu.

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