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Expert Geologist, Matt Badiali Says Investors Should Get Excited For Zinc

With the mining industry forging ahead towards more positive growth, there’s renewed interest to invest, and geology expert, Matt Badiali says the potential return on investment is eye-popping. In an interview posted on Ideamensch, Biadiali explains his methods for crafting advice for the average investor.

Badiali is really excited about zinc investments. The low interest rate environment is positive for precious metals. For many investors, zinc therefore seems to be an interesting asset class and safe investment. It’s a very base metal, and many investors ignore the potential. In fact, the mineral is a sustainable material, used in all types of manufacturing, like automobiles. Zinc is an important metal used for corrosion protection. This is why zinc is primarily used in the galvanizing process of galvanizing iron and steel. Badiali points out that zinc has been a performance driver for years, but the demand is exceeding supply, and that’s good news for investors.

Why Invest In Commodities?

Commodities help savers to diversify their wealth – and protect themselves against stock crashes. Prices of zinc, copper and other precious metals rise if they are currently in short supply, like now. Another reason is that they can help protect a fortune from inflation. According to Matt Badiali, even when there are price fluctuations, raw materials are pretty constant. Emerging economies, such as China consume millions of tons of raw materials, and as for zinc, countries become dependent on it. Zinc is used not only for cars, but airplanes, aluminum and steel production, and even computer parts. It’s become one of the best under-utilized investments.

Geologist, Matt Badiali has more than a decade of experience, researching and analyzing natural resource investments. He’s worked with mining companies, public and private companies, and investors and is dedicated to evaluating profitable investments. Matt earned his Bachelor of Science from Penn State in Geological and Earth Sciences, and his Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University. Currently, he works as an analyst at Stansberry& Associates, focused on the investment vehicles in the metals and mining industry. Before joining the company, Matt worked at Lemenze Environmental Drilling Company from 1996 to 2000. View Matt Badiali‚Äôs profile at LinkedIn.

Matt Badiali is also an investment writer and researcher at Banyan Hill where he provides analysis and insights in the natural resources sector. With degrees in Geology and experience in analyzing natural resource investments, Badiali considered it natural to start cross-functional planning for a newsletter. He launched the Real Wealth Strategist in 2017, and already boasts a healthy audience. Check out: https://interview.net/matt-badiali/


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