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Everybody’s Switching to FreedomPop

FreedomPop, one of the leading providers of proven, high quality wireless service is going global as reported in a recent article on Digital Trends. This means more and more countries can avail the free service it has been offering to Americans. Plus, the dozens of features that go into new users’ free account. FreedomPop is aiming to expand its service globally in the next few years which means it will offer the same freemium plans that is in the US to the rest of the world. Now, with the freemium wireless service you can talk, text and transmit data free of cost in UK, Germany, France and Spain after its multi-million deal with Dutch carrier, KPN is sealed.

While there is a belief that just about every user of this mobile service can receive something valuable from this deal, alpha test of the service has already started in the UK. By the end of September, FreedomPop will begin contacting those signed up for more information as well. Currently, efforts are being made to collect as many feedback from potential users worldwide. The most affordable subscriber plans that has been revealed come with bonuses and perks all the way. For example, one free plan offers 200 minutes talk-time, 200 SMS and 200MB of data. Monthly payment plans range from $13 to $18. The Premium 1GB is available with 1000 messages, free voicemail and 1GB data while Premium 2GB offers unlimited calls, messages and 2GB of data.

One of the biggest misconceptions in free wireless plans revolves around the quality of service. You may know some providers who came up with a great free package only to offer poor quality transmission. FreedomPop promises to provide great quality for its free plans. Whether the service will include 4G LTE during alpha test is not quite clear. What if someone accidentally or intentionally went over the data allowance? The good news is, only a flat 1p will be charged for each excess MB. Note that, users will still have to pay shipping fee and extra fee for Premium Voice which will amount to less than $3. Now, what about free Jetsetter SIM card for travelers in France, UK and Spain? There is no information on this plan offering 100MB of free data. However, the travelers SIM card will be eventually be sold to more than fifteen countries in Europe along with FreedomPop’s free basic and premium plans.

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