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Europe and Venture Capital Create a Business Connection

Investors and Startups in Europe

Venture investors have discovered an attraction to invest in startups in Europe. Previously the venture-capital industry has placed money on markets that are in the United States. It is now Europe’s turn to have money lavished their way. The full article can be viewed here. The sudden interest in this region has flourished even though this area is not known for innovation that has proven to be game-changing in any way. The investors have found that it is cheaper to acquire and invest in startups in Europe. Investors and Europe are creating an intriguing business connection.

Experience and Highland Capital
Highland Capital and James Dondero, the co-founder and President of this alternative credit management organization, provide experience in every way. Jim and this company date back to January, 1990. Mark Okada and Mr. Dondero had developed and formed a joint venture. This venture was with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. This had completely evolved into a Protective Asset Management Company. They experienced much growth in May of the year 1997. Expansion continued with product lines by the entry of mutual fund business. They have a global footprint with their expansion in Singapore in 2008. This footprint led them to Seoul in the year 2011. Experience and leadership play a large role in Highland Capital Management.

President James Dondero
This President and Co-Founder is known by many as Jim. He had co-founded Highland Capital Management in the year 1993. He plays a vital role within this company. He holds the responsibility for deciding the execution of firm’s strategic and operational initiatives. He will ensure the execution. This is a highly credible President who has a remarkable history.

Credit Markets and Jim
Mr. Dondero has well over 30 years in the credit markets. He is an individual who comes with experience. He has worked in various areas. This includes the following:
* mortgage-backed securities
* investment grade corporates
* high-yield bonds
* leveraged bank loans
* emerging market debt
* common stocks and preferred stocks
He has also managed around one billion dollars in fixed income funds. This was for American Express.

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