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Eucatex, A Brazilian Company Excelling in Eucalyptus Furniture

Eucatex had humble beginnings in 1951 when the company dealt primarily with wood fibers from eucalyptus and focused on marketing and production of linings. From there, the growth of the company was slow but steady and currently, Eucatex not only works to fulfill the requirements of furniture manufacturers but also produces material for industrial construction companies, cars, toys, and packaging. The Brazilian company also has an external market involving plates and doors. All through its history, Eucatex has always emphasised on the importance of sustainable development but what people don’t know is that the company is also focused on corporate governance.

The ethics of Eucatex are unmatched by any other company in the industry. Here are a few reasons why the corporate governance ideas of Eucatex are so revolutionary –

Ethics Channel of Eucatex – Eucatex has teamed up with Contanto Seguro to ensure that corporate governance in the company is top notch. The Ethics Channel initiative of the company might not be new to the world in general but no other company has implemented it as well as Eucatex.

Simple Access – In order to ensure that ethics remain the top priority of the company, Eucatex has simplified its Ethics Channel and has opened its doors to people who want to report any action, be it overpricing or wastage of resources in the company. The idea is to make it easy for people to report issues.

Better Working Environment – All the matters reported through the ethics channel of the company are investigated by Eucatex. As such, people have a better and more transparent working environment. This not only leads to better results for the company but employees and clients too feel like they are being heard and have a voice.

Anonymous Reporting – Due to several reasons, people might not be comfortable taking their own name while reporting issues. This is why Eucatex has made the process completely anonymous. Proof isn’t necessary for the process to be started but the information should be legitimate.

The parent company of Eucatex is owned by Maluf Family. Flavio Maluf is the chairman. He has been pretty emphatic in his support for environmental sensitivity and sustainable development. It is because of the efforts of Flavio Maluf that Eucatex has reached such great heights in recent years. Eucatex has proven to industries all over the world that being careful about the environment can have long term benefits for the world at large.

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