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Eric Lefkofsky: Warrior Against Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is known for the company he founded which is called Tempus. He is also serving as the current CEO of Tempus. It is a leader in the highly precise medical-related solutions by the use of technology. He believes that technology and medical field goes hand in hand and that both can work together to eradicate several life-threatening issues such as cancer. The realms of technology are highly efficient and the rate of working is much faster than the normal human activity. The tag line of his company is “Death to cancer; byte by byte”. He firmly believes that eradication of issues such as cancer can be made possible by the effective as well as the efficient use of the technology and its tools. He also believes that the masses are still unaware of how important of a role in the field of technology playing in the medical realms. Technology can help save lives and this is what he is constantly working on. Eric Lefkofsky says that now is the high time to pay more attention to these aspects and areas. This is because humanity is right at the verge of coming across a major breakthrough which can prove to be highly helpful for dealing with issues such as cancer and other life-threatening issues. Although Eric Lefkofsky himself is not a medical professional, he has the help of many of the brightest minds in this field in his pursuit of the fight against cancer and other life-threatening issues. Apart from this, he is also known for his several other business ventures which are operating in different business markets. These include companies such as Uptake Technologies, InnerWorkings, and Mediaocean. All of these are listed on the NASDAQ which is a testament to the high level of success they have achieved.

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