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Eric Lefkofsky: Creating a Cancer Genomic Database

Creation of a cancer genomic database is a revolutionary idea that Eric Lefkofsky has dedicated significant amount of resources towards its success. The serial investor is driven by the belief that such a database will facilitate deeper understanding cancer as doctors will be able to compare the DNA of their cancer patients. Ultimately, the database will be crucial in developing effective cancer management practices for cancer patients. However, the greatest potential that an extensive cancer genomic database comprising of DNA samples of cancer patients is the development of customized cancer therapies and cures for cancer patients. This will translate to longer lives and high quality of life despite suffering from cancer.

To achieve this goal, Eric Lefkofsky cofounded Tempus together with his longtime business partner Brad Keywell. The technology startup will take advantage of the current advanced technologies to screen cancer patients and store their genomic data after sequencing for further processing and consumption within the oncology community. Towards this end, Tempus has already partnered with various hospitals constructed a 20,000 –square-foot lab. Additionally, the company has hired some of the best research scientists including the renowned geneticist, Kevin White. Tempus has also developed as a gene sequence comparison software to facilitate success of the new initiative.

Education Background and Skillset

Eric Lefkofsky is a multitalented serial investor with strong academic background complemented by a plethora of skills. Between 1987 and 1991, he studied for his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland. After graduating top of his class, he furthered his education with a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Michigan Law School between 1991 and 1994. The founder of numerous startups in various industries including financial services and investment industries is highly skilled in entrepreneurship.

The Groupon and MediaBank cofounder also has excellent new business development and startup skills, which have been integral in his successful cofounding several startups such as Uptake is a specialist in business development, online marketing and advertising, and venture capital. His successes in the technology industry including the successful launch of Tempus, Inc. are hinged on his strategic vision, technological innovation and computational biology skills.

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