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Equities First Holdings, The Alternative Source of capital

Equities First Holdings, often referred to as EFH was established in 2002. EFH is a leading global company with wholly owned subsidiaries offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, Indianapolis and London. Al Christy is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of EFH. The company uses the stocks of clients as collateral to provide them with capital.

Equities First Holdings Specialization

Equities First Holdings mainly specialises in the development of alternative lending solutions efficiently. The company’s main focus is on borrowers who require to quickly raise capital but cannot qualify for credit based loans. Equities First is considered as the alternative lender for borrowers to secure working capital. Qualification of loans have been tightened by most banks through the increment of interest rates and the cutting of lending options for the borrowers. Click Here for More News.

According to Al Christy, the usage of stocks to collateralize loans is the most efficient alternative for people who are in need of working capital. There is a fixed interest rate for stock based loans and where there is a likelihood of market fluctuations, the loans will provide a hedge. In downside market, borrowers tend to lower the investment risk.

Equities First Holdings Benefactors

The customers at Equities First Holdings can access money quickly at reasonable interest rates even when the economic seasons are harsh. The company has policies in place to mitigate market fluctuation issues. Therefore, individuals working with EFH benefit from the stability of the company and its partnership with the shareholders.

EFH uses publicly traded stock to facilitate clients with capital which helps them achieve their personal as well as professional goals. Clients that need money for personal reasons or business expansion can benefit from working with EFH. The individuals seeking to have an experience of capital flexibility can also benefit from Equities First Holdings. Equities at LinkedIn .

Equities First Holdings prides itself in being among the leading companies in the finance sector.

https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08120457 for more .

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