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EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Review

It’s amazing the number of lip balms that line the shelves in your local stores. However, every time that you see EOS lip balms, you have to smile. This is an absolutely amazing lip balm that is available in a pomegranate raspberry flavor. However, EOS also has several other really wonderful flavors that I have tried that include summer fruit, sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, and passion fruit, avail it here at https://www.amazon.com/EOS-Organic-Lip-Balm-Sphere/product-reviews/B004OOVS0Y. Of course, there are more flavors that are available and I would like to try all of them. In this review, I’ll cover the best things about the pomegranate raspberry flavor.


EOS Pomegranate Raspberry

The EOS pomegranate raspberry flavor is one of my favorites, check here. The lip balm is packaged in a sphere shaped container. Simply twist the lid off and apply to the lips. The lip balm glides smoothly over your lips and the flavor is not too overpowering. It’s actually very subtle. I like to arrange my beauty products on a makeup table in my room. I like this lip balm because it has a flat bottom and does not roll off the table like some of my other lip balms and lipsticks. Here is something else that is very different about the EOS lip balms, look here. This product is completely natural and organic. It does not contain parabens. It is vegan and animal cruelty free. Now, that is one of the main reasons that many people absolutely love this product. If you are really concerned about the weird chemical ingredients in some lip balms, you should definitely give EOS lip balms a try.


The EOS Brand

The EOS brand is actually a very high quality product. Clearly, the company places a lot of thought in their products too. If you are concerned about the products that contain all kinds of dangerous ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, try EOS. EOS is one of the best lip treatments for dry or cracked lips.


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