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End Citizens United Turns Its Attention To The Texas 2018 Midterms

The 2018 midterm elections may be a number of months away but the battle to elect politicians friendly to the cause of election finance reform has already begun for the End citizens United PAC. One of the most anticipated election battles for Democrats is the 23rd Congressional Seat in Texas where Democrat Jay Hulings is looking to overcome the incumbent Republican, Will Hurd. The End Citizens United PAC recently named Hurd to its list of top 20 targets for the 2018 midterms which will see the Republican once again backed by the interests of billionaire donors and business groups who are looking to keep him in power in Washington to reduce the risk of election financing reform taking place in the near future.

After naming Will Hurd to its list of politicians the PAC believes place the needs of wealthy donors above those of their own constituents, End Citizens United believe the decision of Hurd to vote in favor of the 2017 Tax Reform Bill shows where the Texas politicians lie. End Citizens United believes the facts speak for themselves in the tax reform battle as Hurd has been the recipient of over $200,000 for Wall Street-based donors and more than $3 million in funding from special interest groups seeking tax reform for the wealthiest in the nation.

End Citizens United has already made its decision about the politician supporters of reforming the election financing regulations which were damaged greatly in 2010 by the Citizens United decision should vote for. Democrat Jay Hulings was endorsed by Edn Citizens United and will see his campaign given a major boost over the course of the next few months because of the grassroots donations made to End Citizens United which had reached $7 million by the middle of 2017 and given the group they hope they can reach a $35 million target by the time of the elections.

The leadership of the End Citizens United PAC headed by President Tiffany Muller is hoping to make major inroads into the Republican dominance of Congress in 2018 as they have been working to refine their campaign message of election finance reform. End Citizens United proved their worth in a short time during the 2016 election cycle which resulted in a $25 million campaign fund which was used to back Democrats friendly to the cause of election financing reform.

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