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Empiricus is a Brazilian company founded in 2009 by two university professors, Felipe Miranda and Rodolfo Amstalden with Marcos Elias and Caio Mesquita. The company’s name is associated with the symbolism of the nontraditional and controversial and has existed with such an approach in its operations. It derives its name from the second century Greek philosopher, Sextus Empiricus, famed for his skepticism of traditional belief systems and for embracing the non-traditional approach to various issues.

Empiricus was formed in, and operates from São Paulo, Brazil. It focuses on research and publishing of financial information, and promoting investment ideas through its newsletters. Its publications include information on investment ranging from equities, fixed income, real estate, to crypto currencies.

The founders of Empiricus, in 2013 formed a partnership with Agora, an American umbrella group of financial content publishers from more than 16 countries, based in Baltimore. Agora bought 50% of the company and gave it the present model of business for producing content geared for individuals. This alliance saw the company gain strength and growth.

The partnership saw Empiricus adopting proven international business principles to its local operations. This also saw its following grow to almost 200,000 paying subscribers and two million free readers of its free newsletter, “Mercado em cinco minutos” (Market in five minutes) for the years 2013 to 2018. Empiricus in March 2016, bought 50% of the website, O Antagonista. in a partnership with Mário Sabino and Diogo Mainardi.

Its promotion methods to attract customers are paid Google and Facebook ads. Its promotion is more of the non traditional and often times, the controversial type. Empiricus gained recognition with “O Fim do Brazil” (The End of Brazil, 2014) a prediction of economic disaster and an attack on the policies on the Dilma Roussef’s government policies on social media, such as Twitter and Google ads. It was the Brazilian version of the Stransberry play, “End of America”. The company was involved in producing several other controversial items with political messages. Click Here to learn more.

Empiricus, in 2018 team up with Quantum, a financial information company, to create a fund seeker.


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