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E-governe Is Brazil’s First Choice For Electronic Governance

Today’s developing nations have more capabilities at their disposal than at any time in history. One of the most important resources that countries throughout Latin America have today, which they lacked as recently as a decade ago, is access to high-level bureaucratic optimization through the use of electronic governance platforms. The use of these systems can level the playing field, giving third and second world countries the same organizational capabilities as their first-world counterparts.


E-governe is Brazil’s first choice for electronic governance. E-governe is a fully integrated system, enabling state and municipal government a turn-key software platform that can radically diminish man-hours, saving governments massive sums of money and instantly streamlining operations in ways that were never before so easily available.


E-governe began more than 35 years ago as a computer-based system for handling government tasks, mostly related to human resources. Over the last 35 years, it has evolved into the most complete e-governance package available anywhere in the world. E-governe has modules for education, health, tax collection, records, criminal justice, finance, infrastructure and many other crucial areas of government. The e-governe platform brings years of collecting the best practices and proven methods of electronic governance to bear, in a simple-to-install an easily operated system.



E-governe can instantly reduce administrative costs in education


E-governe Education is a fully integrated administrative platform that comes ready to handle nearly every task that workers are required to do in the education sector. E-governe education automates teacher hiring and review processes, bringing a high level of objectivity and accountability to the management of human resources in education.


The platform is also able to completely handle standardized testing, making accountability and performance reviews for both teachers and schools as a whole a simple matter of plugging data into the system. E-governe is fully compliant with all of Brazil’s privacy and education laws, meaning that once implemented, the administration of schools, districts or governments who employ it will no longer have to invest hundreds or thousands of man-hours, each year, staying abreast of the latest updates to Brazil’s laws. In short, e-governe education can save districts millions of dollars in lowered payroll costs and reduced need for training.


Another area in which e-governe can provide tremendous value to governmental users through massive increases in efficiency is it’s e-governe health platform. This system allows for virtually instant establishment of a world-class healthcare system, automatically handing all aspects of billing, patient records and human resource administration. E-governe borrows the best aspects of top healthcare systems around the world and puts them into one, fully integrated package, allowing for proven, effective healthcare models to be available, right at the fingertips of municipal governments.


All told, these systems are capable of saving massive amounts of taxpayer money in reduced payroll costs and increased efficiency. E-governe takes a proven system of governmental administration and puts it into the hands of municipal governments, who may lack the expertise to otherwise implement strong solutions. It is for this reason that e-governe is taking Brazil into the first world, one city at a time.



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