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Dynamic Search Partners hosts a fundraiser to boost Levels of Education

In an attempt to bridge the gap and increase the graduation rate from college, Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners held a fundraising event in a bid to fund uncommon schools. The fundraiser was attended the event which was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden and together with other community based organizations raised over $22,000.

Uncommon schools are a group of 42 Chartered Public Schools that are located across Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. This schools are designed to cater to the needs of the less fortunate therefore guaranteeing a safer and economically viable society.
The funds raised are meant to fund the education of the 2014-2015 school testing program. The mission behind the fund raiser is very noble since it offers the less privileged students an opportunity to go to college. The overall effect of this fund raiser is that students who successfully graduate from college will be more productive hence reduce crime levels while increasing literacy levels.

This fundraiser comes in the wake of uncommon schools opening a new High School in Brooklyn. This means that the less privileged students will get to sit for their PSAT and AP Tests. Dynamics search partners have further committed to making a donation of $10,000.

This is not the first time that Dynamic Search Partners have funded the Uncommon Schools. The first engagement was in 2013, Dynamic Partners have continued to engage Uncommon Schools through providing them with the requisite funding in a bid to promote and fulfill their corporate responsibility expectations. Keith Mann is excited about the prospects of engaging uncommon schools through funding. Mann appreciates the value of education and as such seeks to promote the chances of increasing the High School Completion rate.

The fundraiser has enjoyed very positive reception; Keith Mann who toured the schools has expressed the motivation and zeal expressed by students who are excited about joining college, internships and pursuing future careers.

Dynamic Search Firms is a creation of Keith Mann who has enjoyed a very fruitful career. The company assists clients in hiring the best investment projects, developing marketing and internal strategy; as well as developing effective platforms to grow their clients businesses.

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