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Dorchester Collection: Write an Article About This Company

Dorchester Collection is an incomparable extravagant collation of hotels with locations in the United States and Europe. Embodying 8 luxury resorts across the Atlantic and 2 off the Pacific, each has been given the opportunity to exhibit their own unique individuality in accordance to their cultivation. Dorchester Collection’s goal in this day and age is to cultivate an infallible assembly of hotels by way of exclusive luxury and hospitality. Its multicultural diversity represents a momentous contribution to our community making it crucial to Dorchester Collection. There is a lot of dignity and appreciation for the various lifestyles each location has to offer. Dorchester Collection’s management teams and staff members find their employment with the company very influential in stimulating the deliverance of the topmost experience possible for their guests.

“Dorchester Collection wins Investors in People ‘Company of the Year’ at the Employee Engagement Awards”

This bestowal was exhibited at the Employee Engagement Awards which transpired on January 28, 2015. The Employee Engagement Awards honor the finest businesses in the UK and Ireland. It denotes the companies who go the extra mile to develop an alluring atmosphere designating their staff the soul of the establishment. The Investors in People “Company of the Year” Award celebrates Dorchester Collection’s competence to ascertain that their grand design for Employee Engagement works.

Dorchester Collection is looking to add 15 new establishments and recapture residence in New York. These hotels are very fashionable with famous people, royalty, and business tycoons. By administering their exceptional know-how in possessing and conducting a few of the world’s most distinctive hotels, Dorchester Collection’s plan is to enhance themselves into the topmost hotel management company globally. Dorchester Collection has developed into superstars in their own right by demonstrating the finest and notorious exposure of first-rate accommodations, charisma, exquisiteness, and courtesy.

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