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Donald Trump Is Right Behind Jeb Bush In A Recent New Hampshire Poll

The Republican primary race just got interesting. The candidate everyone thought was a joke finished second behind Jeb Bush in a recent poll by Suffolk University. The poll was taken right after Trump announced his candidacy, so there is a little hype factored into his 11 percent showing. But make no mistake about it. Trump is in to win it. He may also create an atmosphere that gives the Democrats a helping hand.

Trump doesn’t pull punches like other candidates. Manta says that he doesn’t care if you like what he says or not. He believes he’s got the right answers, so you either join him, or you get out of his way. The famous Cher doesn’t like Trump that much, but her opinion doesn’t faze “The Donald.” He’s not intimidated by name calling, and he doesn’t care if Cher votes for him. Trumps has his own followers and by the time the race is over more people will appreciate Trump and all his Trumpisms.

Trump is a serious candidate and a damn good comedian too.

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