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Donald Scott NYC Precision Hair Cutting Tools Allow Greater Freedom for Shaping

For centuries, straight razors have been used for shaving, because their blades provide clean sharp cuts on all types of hair textures. In recent years, the straight razor has begun to be incorporated into tools for cutting hair more precisely, because of the clean cut this blade provides. Getting a clean cut on hair allows the hair to fall in a better manner, which makes the razor better suited for creating stylish cuts. A clean cut also keeps the shaft of the hair intact, which significantly reduces the issue of splitting. Razors are now used to create blunt cuts, textured or layered cuts and face-framing cuts.


When it comes to using precision hair cutting tools designed with straight razors, the products available from Donald Scott NYC are top of the line. In addition to precision, his tools are designed to allow stylists more freedom, creativity and spontaneity in cutting and shaping hair of all textures. The Donald Scott NYC fine carving comb is designed to shape and add volume to hair through its unique double blade design. The Donald Scott NYC swivel twist razor tool eliminates the stress placed on a stylist’s wrist by allowing them to easily switch from a 25 percent channeled cut to a 100 percent carved cut.

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