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Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg: Online Fashionistas


It is unpredictable who is going to take an interest in fashion. For one thing, people tend to think nothing of fashion until that one day when they get a glimpse of what it could do. Some would say that they have always been fascinated by fashion, it is just that they have not had the time to think about it. Whatever the case is, one thing is certain, people react in different ways to their sudden interest in fashion. Some people start buying a ton of clothes in order to put together their own style. Then there are those that take the time to form a business around fashion.


As the LA Times writes, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are those that have taken the time to run a business based on fashion. This is one of the best choices they ever made for their career. However, when it comes to fashion, one of the most important things to do is start where the marketing is easier. Both Adam and Don have found that women’s fashion is a lot easier to market in the world of fashion because of the different designs that are available to women. Also, women are more likely to be into fashion than men.


Adam and Don have set out to make stores that cater to women. One of the first places they have started in fashion is footwear. They have taken the time to bring forth all of the different styles of footwear to women. Women got to enjoy a lot of the latest deals in shoes. They eventually have moved into accessories. Then they started selling full outfits. They have then branched out into different markets which include the athletic market. Afterwards, they have added men to their set of customers because they have realized that men can be interested in fashion too.


One thing about fashion is that it is the fastest way for people to feel better about themselves. All people often need is an upgrade to their closet. They can find some of the best button ups. However, there are also some really great looking alternative styles that women could discover for their closet.

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