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Do You Think You Need An Equity Loan?

Sometimes, people who own or operate a small or medium-sized business may discover that they have a cash flow problem. The market falters once in a while or even the weather can temporarily disrupt the flow of business. Or perhaps you have accounts receivable outstanding, and need to make payroll. Read Full Article Here.

If you visit a bank or institutional lender, you will have to find out how much they will lend using your stocks as collateral. You will discover that they will lend up to 40% of the value of the stocks. You might find out that they are restricted to what stocks they can use as collateral. Then you discover that the want a business proposal to find out how you will use the money. And the bottom line is you find out the high-interest rate they will charge. A bank or conventional lender certainly appears to be the place not to go in an emergency, for what they propose will take weeks for a week, high-interest loan. MarketWierd News .

Then you find out about Equities First South Africa. They will lend on equities. They decide which equities they will use as collateral, because they are a private company, and are not beholden to the government’s requirements on whether they are allowed to lend or not. They do not want a business proposal, either. They will lend up to 80% of the value of the equities. And their interest rate is among the lowest in the nation. Funding is quick, and it is your to do with as you please.Visit https://www.easyequities.co.za/

Shouldn’t you just see Equities First, first?

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