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DIY Lip Tattoos?!

In this video, Wengie compares a ‘Do it Yourself’ to a ‘Just Buy It.’ This means that she tries both and determines which is worth more: doing it yourself or simply buying the already ready to use product.
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Items Needed:


  • 24-hr Lip Tint Tattoo Bottle (BUY)


  • and


  • Elmer’s Glue


  • Food Coloring


Follow these simply steps to create your own ‘DIY’ Lip Tint Tattoo.


  • Squeeze Glue into a small jar


  • Mix in the food coloring into the glue (10 drops of red, 1 drop of blue)


  • Stir well!


  • Gently Paint onto your lips with a soft makeup brush


  • Let it dry, then peel it off to see the final product!

    Wengie goes on to compare the two by doing a half and half look and found that the DIY was a lot thicker, but also sticker than the store bought one. The store bought was runnier, but easier to apply because it was not as sticky.
    Once dry, though, it was all able to peel off very easily and Wengie was very satisfied with both results!
    The final word was a big thumbs up for the DIY lip tattoo color! It was true to it’s mixed color, no weird change when she peeled it off, and it lasted well, just like the store bought one.
    So, there you have it! Try this DIY on your own sometime! The best part? You can make it any color you want!


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