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Diverse Health Insurance Options With USHEALTH Group

In today’s ever changing healthcare insurance and programs in America it is very important to seek out insurance coverage that offers a wide variety of options. With the changes in the healthcare world since Affordable Care Act was enacted, many people are unsure what types of insurance policies they can get outside the network for their business or personal insurance.


USHEALTH Group and their Family of Companies offers individuals and companies the ability to buy health insurance coverage when they need it without waiting for open enrollment periods. In addition to traditional health insurance coverage, USHEALTH Group and their Family of Companies provide consumers the ability to purchase Short Term Medical Surgical Expense plans when they purchase Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Riders.


For people who are in need of healthcare insurance, it is important to be able to get coverage right away without having a waiting period for open enrollment to begin. With USHEALTH Group and their Family of Companies, the health coverage plans can be tailored to meet the needs of companies and individuals any time of year.



Types Of Policies Available At USHEALTH Group.


Since health insurance is a very personal item to purchase, there are times when people need additional protections and expanded coverage with the purchase of their Premier Choice Specified Disease\Sickness and Accident Riders. These plans can pay for medical expenses in addition to other existing medical insurance coverage to allow patients greater coverage and less financial liability.


USHEALTH Group and their Family of Companies also offers other important options for insurance coverage protection that many patients seek. Including, the Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider which allows patients to purchase a Premier Med Short Term Medical-Surgical Expense policy without additional underwriting. Customers also can purchase a Premier Choice Specified Disease\Sickness and Accident plan. This type of plan is designed to supplement existing plans and do not have calendar year deductibles to meet in order to obtain payouts. The company also offers Accident and Disability Insurance solutions for individuals, self-employed people and small businesses.


The company designs each insurance plan to meet the needs and requirements of the customers. By offering such a diverse amount of insurance plans they can offer a stronger focus on flexibility, affordability and reliability for their customers. The company offers consumers a full range of insurance plans to choose from policy choices can include all of the following: Critical Illness insurance plans, Specified Disease/Sickness insurance plans, Accident insurance plans, Short Term Accident and Disability Income insurance plans, Income Protector insurance plans, Term Life Insurance, and Dental and Vision Insurance Plans.



About USHEALTH Group


The USHEALTH Group and their Family of Companies have been providing generations of people great health coverage for the last 50 years. Today, USHEALTH Group and their Family of Companies collectively provide over 15 million people with important health insurance coverage. USHEALTH Group is located at: 300 Burnett Street, Suite 200, Fort Worth Texas 76102-2734. They can be reached to obtain more important information on their insurance plans and riders by calling: 1-800-387-9027, or via email by writing to: info@ushealthgroup.com.

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