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Dick DeVos: The Man Bringing Change To The City Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos is someone who has played a major role in the improvements that the state of Michigan has been seeing over the past few years. As an active member of the political scene in the state, DeVos has always had a significant impact on a number of plans that have been put into action. One of the most prominent examples of this took place back in 1991 and concerned the state of Grand Rapids. Back then, the officials and city council wanted to approve the construction of a new sports area and convention center. The idea behind this was that the sporting area would attract teams from all over the county, and would be able to host sporting events. This would then, in turn, bring the city an ample amount of profits, which could then be used towards more development.



While this was a plan that seemed good on paper, Dick DeVos did not see it as a viable plan. He believed that something like this would not work for the city, and cited the developments that took place in Detroit as an example. A few years before the plan in Grand Rapids, a sports center was constructed in the city of Detroit. Soon after, the city started experiencing losses as a result of a lack of sporting events, and the costs that had to be incurred to maintain the stadium. This had an adverse effect on the city and Dick DeVos feared that the same would happen to his hometown. He made an appeal to the city council regarding this, which resulted in the implementation of a whole new plan of action. The city council decided that they would instead construct a city center that its own people could use on a regular basis. This proved to be a much better way for the city to generate revenue and was something that proved to be useful for all living within the city of Grand Rapids.



Through the course of his career, DeVos has played a major role in the improvements that were brought about to the city. His influence on various development projects has been incredibly prominent and something that has helped others in the process.



DeVos has spent his entire career, not just helping the city, but helping anyone in need. To help him extend his support better, he established the DeVos Family Foundation along with his wife Betsy DeVos, which offers financial aid to organizations and people all over the country.


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