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Dick DeVos and Lobbying Actions

Dick DeVos is a man who consistently proceeds in a just fashion. He has witnessed all sorts of injustices throughout his lifetime. These injustices never cease to make him feel angst and frustration, either. DeVos is an activist through and through. His wife, Betsy, is in the same classification. They’re both eager activists. They even take on many philanthropy projects.


People often know precisely who DeVos is. He’s a famous face in the state of Michigan. He’s just as famous in other areas of the enormous United States. People frequently even recognize him on the global stage. He’s handled all sorts of business achievements over the years. Working as the Amway Corporation’s memorable Chief Executive Officer was a big thing for him. He held this position for many years, too. His journey with the massive All-American corporation commenced toward the start of the nineties. It ended approximately a decade after that.


The Amway Corporation isn’t the only example of DeVos’ business accomplishments. He’s also a significant component of the achievements that are connected to the Windquest Group.


DeVos is nothing if not a harmonious man. He has all sorts of varied interests as well. He’s not only interested in philanthropic and charitable subjects. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is only the starting point of all of his life causes. DeVos is a person who puts a lot of thought into education, aviation and even interpersonal relationships. He has a commitment to advancing the concept of charter schools in the United States. That’s why the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan even exists. He has a commitment to advancing the ins and outs of air travel. He has an unwavering adoration of family life, too. DeVos has relished his marriage to Betsy. He’s relished fathering his children with her.


DeVos has a lot of background in the lobbying sector. He did quite a bit of lobbying in Grand Rapids a couple of decades in the past. This lobbying frequently revolved around major construction subjects. DeVos contemplates construction concepts with a lot of nuance. He doesn’t always believe that they’re favorable for cities and for their trajectories. He thought that constructing a huge arena in Grand Rapids by its downtown wasn’t in the city’s best interests. That’s exactly what compelled him to initiate some comprehensive lobbying work. He’s perpetually trying to strengthen the communities that matter to him.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

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