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Determined Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera, a Chicago native and a full-service transportation business owner is taking into his own hands becoming a success in business and his personal life. Mandera’s company name is Custom Companies, Inc. and he has utilized his business that he started under 25 years of age helping many other companies and people with warehousing, storing, and satellite tracking services since 1986. Perry has lead Custom Companies Inc, to becoming the ITA’S top list in the industry of domestic and international forwarding services in 2000.


A Well Dedicated Man

Perry Mandera has a compassion that runs deep for his customers and for the American people that has been witnessed in the devastation in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina. During this trying time for the residents of Louisiana, utilizing his own resources from his success, Perry was able to provide food for many people in need with over 40 trucks full. Being so supportive of charities and having the determination to have his own, is what set Perry Mandera apart from a lot of other business owners in his industry or in the workplace period. Outside of business, how can you not appreciate the efforts Perry Mandera puts in the community with organizations like Custom Cares Charities, a venture for underprivileged kids that he established, or Perry sitting on the Board of Directors of the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, assisting kids who don’t have the advantage of enjoying the holidays like they wish they could (Customcares).

Mandera is just not limited to those accomplishments, even though that is a lot in itself, but Perry also takes out time having a lifestyle that is active coaching baseball, basketball, and football when he is free. The Lynn Sage Foundation, The University of Chicago Medical Center, the Catholic Charities USA and many other organizations are grateful for Perry Mandera and his undeniable determination for his success, and for the success of others.




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