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Delicious Lips

In the year 2009, a man by the name of Craig Dubitsky founded the popular lip balm EOS. Evolution of Smooth has many other skin products such as lotion for example. Now his most famous lip balm has reached the hands of many Hollywood stars. Evolution of Smooth is now sold in many stores ,including online. Reviews are positive Hollywood stars ,shopping centers and social media. The idea was to make a lip balm that is organic, satisfying in tastes and color, and easy to find. The round container was created that women will be able to find it easier inside their purse or bag without having to dig around. There’s a flat edge that will hole the lip balm wherever you may put it, whether its on the dresser or on your table. It will not roll off. There are many flavors to choose from. Check this on evolutionofsmooth.de.  Most EOS lip balms are round come with a twist off lid,they are petroleum free, organic, vitamins are added for health and beauty. They contain jojoba oil,shea butter, paraben-free, contains SPF 15 and natural flavors. ALL are affordable and fit in the palm of your hand. They are cute as can be. EOS comes in a variety of pastel colors that are perfect for any occasion.For example, Sweet Mint comes in a light pastel green. The balm is white and has a wonderful minty taste. This particular flavor includes antioxidants to help nurture any lip texture or condition. The smell is fresh and never fades like other brands may where it may dry out your lips still leaving them chapped. Sweet Mint will leave your lips moist and kissable . Additional Info on douglas.de.

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Another favorite flavor is Passion Fruit. It comes in a circular, yet purple container. It is a Spring Edition. Leaves your lips fresh and fruity.

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