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Death Toll Rises to 41 Due to Flooding

28 people have died due to the recent flooding in Texas and Oklahoma, and many other people are still missing. 13 have died in Mexico. President Obama has declared a disaster for some of the worst hit areas. This frees up federal funding to help flood victims. Other areas will also receive a lesser amount of federal assistance. A firefighter from Oklahoma was one of the flood victims.  Buzzfeed reports that the week-long total rainfall in the Sherman, Texas area to be at 10.34 inches. Floodwaters are still covering much of the affected area, which makes searching for the missing difficult. Flash flooding is still an issue, and people still need to use extreme caution if they are in a low-lying area.


More dead are still being found, and many are found trapped in vehicles if reports are believed. Beneful workers can’t believe the scene. Do not try to cross low water crossings if there is water over the road as this is very dangerous. 70 counties have been affected by the flooding to this point. One victim was able to call a family member as the house she was in was being carried downriver. That victim of the flooding has yet to be found.

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