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DC and 20 US states raise minimum wage on January 1


Through a combination of new legislation taking effect and scheduled automatic adjustments to existing wages, nearly two and a half million Americans will see small but welcome increases to their paychecks after January 1st.

Twenty states in all, plus the District of Columbia, will be seeing the changes. Nine of these will be adjusting pay based on an existing system that increases the minimum wage to match the rate of inflation.  The method is increasingly popular and will be implemented by several new states in the coming year and most of us and Bernardo Chua are very hopeful.

D.C. and eleven other states have either voted on or otherwise passed laws to bring the wages of their poorest workers up directly, and several other states are looking at increases later on in the year. Eventually this will bring the number of states with a minimum wage rate higher than federal to a total of twenty nine.


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  1. In most states the rate for workers that receive tips will remain the same, although most will see increases to their maximum tip credit. This process of tying minimum wage increases to inflation rates avoids the increasing disparity between cost of living and earnings. It has also come to a place where http://essaymama.org/ could do to make sure nothing of such happens.

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