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David McDonald And OSI Group: Building Partnerships That Last

When you go to another country with the intent on doing business, you know you have to be able to understand that the needs maybe different from yours. David McDonald and OSI Group went into partnership with China, and it turned out to be the best relationship. As a matter of fact, that partnership is still in existence even after 20 years. It’s all about knowing what the needs are and how to put incorporate them in your planning. Of course, you must respect the customs of that particular country. It will affect what you produce in terms of food.

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OSI Group started out as a small butcher shop in Illinois owned by Otto & Sons. Later on, it got into the wholesaling business with meat. The McDonalds chain became its first customer to supply meat to. After much success with sending meat to other places that needed food supplied to them, the company became OSI Group and went global. This company’s success hinges on the fact that the right strategic decisions were made to keep it prosperous. David McDonald knows exactly what moves to make to keep that way. As long as they remain a dominant competitor in the global market OSI will be around for decades more.

When you look at companies like OSI, it’s important to remember that the leadership had had plenty of experience and education in order to lead them in the right direction. This is why the partnership with China has lasted so long and is still going strong. It takes commitment to give fresh and good quality food to consumers. All plants pass a rigorous inspection and to do it in another country is showing that you respect what the people need. The right to fresh products is for everyone. When OSI looks back on how their partnership with China started, there are no regrets. Everyone can see it was the best idea to take on. Knowing that this relationship is probably why others have gotten onboard is a fantastic thing. OSI is gaining well-deserved partnerships that are very prosperous.

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