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Danilo Throws a One out of This World Event for His Handpicked Guests

Any occasion would not end well if you did not treat your distinguished guests in a hyper-sensory manner. Treat them to a fine cuisine, take them to the racetrack and have an awesome time together. Helicopter rides then end your day with a sunset boat ride. All these are the words used to describe the July event that was orchestrated by Danilo Diaz Granados. This man has always arranged successful events for his esteemed guests.

The Miami-based entrepreneur expressed in the event, that he wanted to give his guest an out of this world experience, and that every man in Miami now had a place to check whenever they needed the most fantastic, superb products and venues. He further added that the main aim of the event was so that his guests would connect with the finest cuisine, art and entertainment that is at par with Miami’s extravagant style.

The event was graced with hand-picked guests who were treated to a delicious breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum Sales Center. The guests were later taken to the upscale Biscayne area of Miami, where they enjoyed a private preview of the highly awaited residential building site.

The event would not end without Danilo Diaz Granados taking his guests on a 30 minutes helicopter ride where all the visitors had a feel of how it is to fly a helicopter. When they came back, they were welcomed with a Dom Perignon champagne and later lunch on the Miami River at the River Yacht Club. Granados and his guests then enjoyed a sunset boat ride in the bay. His great sponsors Van Dutch and Technomar, brought their newest boats to be tested in the, ending the event.

About Danilo

Danilo went to Massachusetts’s Babson College where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. He later moved to Miami where he made use of the knowledge he got from college. Here, he started a boutique for the Latino community that offered products ranging from exotic cars, watches and jewelry and contemporary art.

He is also a lover of film, a passion he had since college. There he took film courses with the aim of starting a film company when he had enough money. He started the Edge of Glory Film with content focusing on the Latino community.

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