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Dan Newlin Law Offices Win Millions for Their Clients

Attorney Dan Newlin has an excellent reputation as a diligent trial lawyer, and he strives to help everyday people be compensated for the injuries that were no fault of their own. Dan has a passion to assist those clients who need legal help, and since his office was established iOrlando, he has been doing that.

Dan Newlin’s Career

Dan’s first job at the age of 16 was an EMT worker. As he helped those in emergencies, he discovered that he wanted to help people more, so he went to the police academy and became a beat cop in the Chicago area. After four years, he made the decision to move to Orlando and join the Orange County Sherriff’s Department.

Mr. Newlin excelled in this position and was quickly promoted to Detective where he began to get familiar with the cases. His superior’s noticed his detailed work and was promoted twice in a special tourists division. But Dan Newlin was aiming higher, and in 1997 he enrolled in the Florida Law School. He graduated in 2000. and several months later, he opened his first law office.

The Dan Newlin Law Offices

Attorney Dan Newlin is a well-respected, personal injury attorney in the Central Florida area. Today, he has 18 attorneys working with him in his law offices. Attorney Newlin has earned this excellent reputation because of his history as a police officer and a detective. Mr. Newlin uses his experience to benefit his clients, and his law practise has multiplied in 15 years. In 2013, he opened his second office in his hometown of Chicago.

A Superlawyer Wins Millions For His Clients

Dan Newlin and his law firm have recovered millions of dollars for his clients. In 2014, he recovered one of the largest settlements in the history of Florida Law when he won $100 million for Danielle Simpson.

The story of Danielle is heartbreaking, and Mr. Newlin saw the destruction and wanted to help the family find justice for what had been done. The young teen had been riding on the back of her family’s SUV when they drove by a robbery in progress. The alledged-robber was a 22-year-old gang member with a gun, shooting at the owner of the house. He shot a stray bullet that hit Danielle in the head, and she suffered an extreme traumatic brain injury going into a coma immediately.

Attorney Newlin won a record-breaking $100 million in compensation, but to this day, Danielle is only able to blink to communicate with her parents. Mr. Newlin knows that the compensation that he won will never take the place of her injuries, but it is justice for the family. This is what a Superlawyer can do for the public.

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