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Customized Cancer Care Benefits All

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has merged with NantHealth and Allscripts to launch Clinical Pathways. The integration of the three healthcare centers combine treatment, electronic medical record integration and clinical decision support under one data format. This allows clinicians treating patients access to all aspects of patient care from any one of the clinical centers.

According to Wikipedia, electronic medical records that are updated in real time and accessible by all caregivers gives patients freedom from obtaining scans and blood test results and memorizing drug names as they visit various caregivers during the course of their treatment. It allows doctors accurate and up to date records of each patient with the speed of electronic records. This is much more efficient in the treatment of patients saving time and money.

CTCA are a group of five hospitals that specialize only in the treatment of cancer. Their expert oncologists and support physicians and staff use state of the art equipment to diagnose, treat and monitor all aspects of cancer care. They have hospitals in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tulsa, Chicago and Phoenix.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are different than any other cancer care obtained anywhere else. Since they only treat cancer, they are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of its treatment and management. They realize that cancer is different in every patient and every patient is unique. Each patient gets an individualized course of treatment and care designed just for them. Since cancer diagnosis and treatment can be overwhelming, a coordinator is assigned to each patient to help manage appointments, medications and daily details of their care. Care team collaboration makes this center unique and successful in treating cancer patients

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