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Could EOS Get Any Better?

If you thought EOS lip balm could not get any better, you have not heard the latest buzz. EOS has held the hearts and lips of millions of  dedicated customers since hitting the market in 2009, but now EOS is ready to embrace a whole new customer base: vegans says mapleholistics.com.

In case you were not aware, true blue vegans have to say, “No, thanks,” to most lip products. Why? Well, beeswax is the culprit. This animal by product puts most lip products on the off limits list for vegans. EOS, however, has solved this problem.

New EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors come in transparent gloss which is 100% wax free. It does not hurt that the new line is available in delicious flavors either. Summerfruit, HoneySuckle, HoneyDew, and Strawberry Sorbet just to name a few. EOS has consistently kept their price point low as well, which helps explain why the new Vegan Crystal Flavors literally flew off of shelves after being introduced a few months ago.

EOS can be found in local retailers like Target, but that has not stopped them from finding their way into the purses of some big celebrities, such as Demi Lovato and Christian Aguilera or you may also buy here at amazon.com. EOS is marketed by a small New York based company which has found their success due to small changes that seem to make a big difference. Most obviously was the change up in packaging, view here. Moving away from the classic lip balm applicator apparently struck a chord will millions of Millennials. The small, egg shaped package is unlike anything the lip balm industry had ever seen before, and it worked. Notonly does EOS offer a great product, but it is just cool looking.

The packaging also allows the company to change up colors, designs and flavors easily. In fact the customersexpect to see new colors, flavors and designs often.

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