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Cotemar Mexico, Aiming For Excellence Through Technology

Cotemar is one company that believes in holding up their heritage and their roots. With their base in Mexico, Cotemar is an oil and petroleum company that offers services in many fields related to that sector. Believing in excellence, the company is known for being one of the best oil and petroleum development companies in the country. Since it’s inception, Cotemar has created quite an impact on the economy, with the scale of their operations conducted and the vast amount of jobs that were created as a result. The company believes in being of service to the people, the environment and last but not the least, the nation.

Cotemar is known for having some of the best-modernized machinery in the country, with the enormous emphasis the company puts on developing technology. Cotemar has one of the largest fleets of mechanized ships which they use to conduct all their oil extraction operations with. The boats come with GPS installed, so that the company can track the position of its vessels and employees at all times. Cotemar partnered with AeroScout, to provide them with a live feed of the location of their ships via satellite.This was mostly implemented to ensure the security of their employees when they go out at sea.

Cotemar believes in protecting their employees to the best of their abilities. As a result, they go to great lengths to ensure that their employees are in the best and secure work conditions to avoid any adversaries. The employees of the company are given tracking chips, which helps the company know the location of their employees at all times. This has proven to be particularly useful to the company while finding their employees who get lost at sea as a result of natural calamities.

The company also has a large fleet of rescue boats which are ready at any given point to go to the help of the employees if the need ever arises.

One of the reasons why Cotemar lays so much emphasis on technology and modernizing their process is because they know that their operations can cause a certain amount of damage to the environment. Therefore, to mitigate any form of environmental damage they have to upgrade their equipment constantly. Cotemar also goes to great lengths to ensure that the waste that is produced out of their operations properly disposed of. The company has a tie-up with Recicla Electrónicos México, a company known for conducting proper disposal of electronic and chemical waste.

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