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Contribution of Securus Technologies in Correctional Facilities and the Feedback they received from Customers

Securus Technologies is rated as one of the largest companies providing government information management solutions, detainee communications and parolee tracking in 45 states. Securus Technologies serve almost 2,600 facilities in areas of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico. It is recognized for its innovative technical solutions, excellent customer service. Its sole focus on the provision of specialized needs in correctional facilities and law enforcement communities. The company which has its headquarters in Dallas Texas, has four regional offices in Texas, Carrollton, Allen and Atlanta Georgia. It is a nonprofit making prison Technology Company. It was started in 1986, in 2004 September, T-Netix and Evercon which were the two leading corrections of the time merged to form Securus technologies. The company then acquired Syscon Justice Systems an international brand leader in 2007. It has employed about a thousand people and has contracts with thousands of correctional facilities. In July 2016, it announced that it had made investments of $600 million over a period of three years in patents, technologies, and acquisitions. In the same year, it also partnered with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender technology. It has lately announced the introduction of a wireless containment solution which is aimed at preventing mobile network from connecting to contraband cell phones.

Due to their excellent services, the company has received positive feedback from its customers. In an interview with PR Newswire, the clients of Securus Technologies had good things to say. One of the customers noted that ‘I want to let the company know your assistance helped us on a case where we used phone calls to receive a get search warrant for some corrupt staff members.’ In another comment, the client revealed that ‘for more than a decade, our correction facility has relied on your technology. We are encouraged to see that the choice we made has been helpful. Your company has been committed to progressively helping us improve the safety of the public in our jurisdiction.’

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