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Cone Marshall Proceeds To Clinch A Top Position Once Again

Cone Marshall has maintained a prime position in the industry as the most preferred law firm in New Zealand. At inception in 1999, Cone Marshall did not have many clients and its performance during the first five years was not so impressive. However, in 2005 a new team of professionals came in and injected new life into the firm, a move that stirred growth. Today, Cone Marshall has grown to become a reliable provider of trust and estate litigation support. They have been working with clients from both New Zealand and overseas.


The few achievements that have been witnessed over the years reflect the dedication the leaders of the firm have put to its management. It has taken one decade to bring the firm to stand out and attract the attention of clients from other countries. To clinch the position, Cone Marshall has concentrated on offering unique and tailored solutions to problems affecting their clients. The firm has invited new professionals who are experienced and passionate about commercial laws and this has boosted performance across all levels.


Additionally, Cone Marshall has invested in the installation of a reliable technological system that has boosted growth. It has been running a new system where information shared by clients can be accessed easily by staff to ensure the delivery of solutions is a fast and an accurate process. Cone Marshall has also worked on educating staff on handling new procedures that come with the modern technological system.


The management team

Without the management team, Cone Marshall could not be as successful as it is. These are professionals with many years of experience who have drafted solutions to different challenges and overseen the growth process of the firm.


One of the staunch leaders who have contributed largely to the development of Cone Marshall is Karen Marshall, a lawyer with over 20 years working on tax and trust litigation. She has helped clients from across the world to solve demanding problems and her input at Cone Marshall has steered the firm to becoming a leader in the industry.


Geoffrey Cone is also commended for working with different professionals at Cone Marshall to streamline the service delivery system.



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