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Climb the Corporate Ladder With Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC. Susan has been with the Company since 2015 and is a successful businesswoman who has proven executive positions in the corporate business world are open to qualified capable women even though a large majority of executive business positions in the corporate sector are occupied by men. Susan’s achievements were not based on who she knew. Susan climbed the corporate ladder with experience and the will to work for what she wanted and that was to be on top as an Executive Businesswoman.

Susan’s Past Work Experience

P3 Executive Consulting, LLC

Position: Founder


The Wet Seal, Inc.

Position: Chief Executive Officer


Retail Industry Consultant

Position: Independent Contractor


American Eagle Outfitters, Incorporated

Position: President and Chief Merchandising Officer


Susan McGalla Education

Mount Union College

Degree: Bachelors of Art

Studies: Business, Marketing


Susan McGalla Childhood Life

Susan was born and raised in the state of Ohio. Susan was raised with two brothers and her father was a football coach so pretty and pink did not go over too well in Susan’s household. Susan did not receive any special treatment or breaks because she was a girl. Susan was raised to work for what she wanted and keep a stiff upper lip. One can honestly say Susan’s male role models as a child encouraged her to go for the higher level employment positions remembering growing up that she had to work for what she wanted is why Susan was very successful in her past and present work experiences.

Susan McGalla Working Her Way to the Top

Susan McGalla has worked in various managerial and marketing positions from 1986 until 1994. It was quite a challenge for Susan to work her way to the top while being employed at American Eagle Outfitters. Susan, when she started working at American Eagle Outfitters, noticed that all executive positions were filled by men. Susan worked her way up from merchandise buyer to President and Chief Merchandising Officer, intimidation is something Susan McGalla knows nothing about.

Susan once again working her way to the top at Business Strategy and Creative Develop for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan was a product buyer who worked her way up to a rank that was well earned as Vice President. Susan along with other businesswomen in the corporate industries is aware that executive positions are dominated by men. Susan McGalla was conditioned at a very early age if she wants something she have to work for it, and that is what Susan McGalla did.

Susan McGalla at the End of the Day

Susan McGalla a successful American Businesswomen is an inspiration to all women in any sector of the work industry. Susan at the end of a workday resides in the state of Pennsylvania and is a loving wife and mother.

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