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Clement Perrette, Successful Philanthropist

Clement Perrette is the founder of Call of the Blue. Call of the Blue supports most creatures in the sea. Some of the creatures that are supported by Call of the Blue include sharks, sea horses, turtles, and many other fish as well. The company recently received plenty of attention from the media after the company published a book.

Clement Perrette collaborated with other talented individuals for the book. One of the people he collaborated with for this book is a marine biologist by the name of Tom Hooper. He was able to capture plenty of wildlife sea creatures in his book, which is one of the things that made the book cool. In addition to being an author and sea lover, Clement Perrette is also a philanthropist. He loves to give his insights regarding different topics and he also loves to help raise funds for different causes.

Clement Perrette was recently highlighted in the public for his kind acts. Clement Perrette is talented in the field of STEM. He has always loved mathematics and physics when he was a child. After graduating high school, Clement Perrette went to college. He was able to attend an elite school in Paris, France. After attending the university, Clement Perrette graduated from college with his bachelor’s in engineering. His degree specializes in computer science and mathematical science as well. Clement Perrette eventually moved on to earn his master’s degree afterward. He is well-respected in the science and financial field by many experts.

About Clement Perrette: www.clement-perrette.com/

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