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Clement Perrette Believes In Using Data In The Finance World

Clement Perrette has been using data to guide his decision making for some time. He works in finance with the fixed income capital markets and he has used technology to help things grow. He started using technology before many others and back when it required more work and manpower to do so but he believed that was worth it because of the benefits that data could give him. He has decades of experience and is known as an expert in the financial world, and part of the reason he is doing so well is because of how his use of data.

Clement Perrette has improved trading systems through his use of technology and he has also used AI in some of his work. He has been behind the creation of automated market making systems and more. He is the manager of a global fixed income fund and is doing well with it because of how he uses technology and science to advance it. He believes that Big Data is important and that it is going to continue to play a role in the future, and he also says that transparency is becoming more common globally in the financial world.

Clement Perrette is from Switzerland and attended college in Paris. He has been involved with trading in several companies over the years. He has worked at a bank and been the head of a company. Clement Perrette was the founder and co-producer of Call of the Blue. He is currently the executive producer of Ocean Souls and the senior portfolio manager of RAM Active Investments.

Contact Clement Perrette: www.calloftheblue.org/

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