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Clay Siegall’s Progressive Approach To Fighting Cancer

Living in today’s modern society surely has it’s advantages especially when being compared to eras of the past. With all of the many good things in life from this point in time there are still some negatives of this very point in time and that’s being cancer. Cancer has been around for many years running it’s destructive coarse, but there is more promising hope for eradicating or slowing down this deadly disease. Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics is playing a key role in eradicating cancer thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. He’s known in the industry as a scientist, doctor, philanthropist, and guest speaker. Being highly educated hasn’t hurt his mission in any form as well. Dr. Siegall ha a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University as well as a (BS) in Zoology from The University of Maryland.


Seattle Genetics is one of the leading cancer research organizations in the world today. This Biotech giant specializes in the development and commercialization of Antibody Based Therapies. This innovative form of cancer treatments is much more advanced than therapies/medication of the past thanks to it’s brilliant delivery approach. These therapies are specifically known as Antibody Drug Conjugates and they deliver cell killing agents right into cancerous cells within the body. Dr. Siegall implements rigorous research, drug development, and scientific innovation to the entire program which has built a firm structure over the years. The company has made the headlines in recent years as Vive President Joe Biden stopped by company headquarters in Bothell, Washington to Forbes ranking the company as one of the fastest growing companies in the country.


Dr. Siegall has taken Seattle Genetics from a small unknown company all the way to the world’s leading cancer research organizations. He’s won numerous industry awards for his efforts which only adds to his already impressive resume of being an author of 70 publications and the current of holder of 15 patents. This progressive approach has definitely set the bar high and changed the status quo.



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