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ClassDojo Providing App To Help Improve Teacher And Parent Communication


ClassDojo recently raised funding for the app that the company is providing to schools to help communication between teachers and parents regarding student related activities. The amount raised during the recent venture funding period was 21 million. The funding will be used to help the company improve various aspects of the communication app.

The app is an attempt by ClassDojo to provide an app to help teachers and parents communicate better on a regular basis. Traditional communication between parents and teachers usually revolves around meetings that are scheduled a few times a year to discuss the progress of students. However, traditional meetings tend to lack the success desired by both teachers and parents.

The ClassDojo app allows teachers and parents to communicate on a regular basis. The teachers and parents determine the frequency of the communication. The communication can be used daily or whatever amount is deemed necessary by teachers and parents to accomplish the desired goals regarding the students.

The app has many features and allows teachers, parents, and students to do a wide variety of tasks. Teachers can complete tasks such as scheduling activities concerning students, creating videos, sending videos, taking photos, sending photos, and loading student schoolwork. The app allows teachers to complete tasks in a more efficient manner and allows parents to keep up-to-date with student results quicker and without having to do face to face meetings.

ClassDojo is developing the app to give teachers and schools a viable technology tool to use to help improve communication with parents. While the app is currently in over 80,000 schools, ClassDojo has a goal of providing the app to more schools.

ClassDojo helps students, parents, and teachers communicate better through the use of its app. The app is a work in progress that is receiving enhancements on a regular basis. The recent funding acquired by Class Dojo will help the company make additional improvements and enhancements to the app.
The app developed by ClassDojo allows teachers, parents, and students to communicate more on a regular basis along with providing the ability to share information, videos, and photos.

The use of technology such as apps has increased significantly in schools over the past decade. Technology allows teachers to accomplish many tasks, but one area that technology has not been used much in schools is communication between teachers and parents. The app developed by ClassDojo will help to improve the communication between teachers and parents.

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