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ClassDojo Creates a New Process For the Classroom

ClassDojo is a new app that works on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire to create a new experience in the classroom. With this app students, teachers, and parents have a new tool that helps to bring them together in real time and communicate very effectively during all phases of classroom activity.

With ClassDojo, students can share their daily work with their parents through photos, messages, and videos. If they want to share a grade or a project in process, it is easily done with ClassDojo. The devices are free to teachers and students and they make it possible to experience a transparency heretofore unknown.

In the morning, a teacher can check the parental messaging system to see if there are any students that are going to be absent that day due to an illness or other reason. Teachers can also broadcast announcements and messages for upcoming events or special information about student activities. Parents can send a private message to the teacher regarding their children.

ClassDojo is currently being used in the United States in 90 percent of the kindergarten to eighth-grade classes. It is already in over 180 different countries and it has been translated into over 35 different languages. As far as the application and usage of the app, the sky is the limit concerning the various subject areas and useage platforms.

Teachers can give out points to students during class time by “pinging” their avatar, a cartoonish character the student chooses to represent himself or herself. If a student does a particularly good job in class discussion, is listening well, or does a good job on a lesson, the teacher can “ping” audibly so it is heard by the class. Points can also be taken away if a student misbehaves. This is a great incentive for students to listen attentively and do well in class.

The one thing that ClassDojo does very well is to foster the development of the “soft skills” of curiosity, focus, and persistence. These are the emotional and social skills that are difficult to measure, yet have a great deal to with learning both while we are in school, and on beyond for the rest of our lives.

Learn more about ClassDOjo: https://techcrunch.com/2016/04/15/classdojo-raises-21-million-for-app-to-make-parent-teacher-meetings-obsolete/

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