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Christian Broda: A Versatile Economist

During the course of their studies, many economists choose an area of concentration where they will gain special knowledge. For many, that research can involve international finance or trade. Yet others, despite having an area of concentration, venture out and expand their horizons by using their knowledge in many fields. One economist who has chosen to do just this has been Christian Broda, and he’s frequently asked about the economy, but that’s because he’s a foremost expert on international economics has also been quite skilled in capital strategies and management.

Possessing a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, Christian is currently employed as the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management.  Prior to his current position with Duquesne, Christian spent much of his time in the academic world. A former Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, he became well-known for his various research projects involving poverty and inequality in various nations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Along with publishing numerous research articles on a variety of topics, Christian has also written many books on economics and the role it plays in people’s lives around the world. Thanks to his reputation as an expert in many aspects of economics, he is often sought out by various media sources for comment or analysis when economic issues make front-page news. With his background in academic research as well as stints with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and with Lehman Brothers, Christian is able to discuss economic topics that pertain to many different situations.

Married and the father of two sons, it is one of Christian’s main goals to see that the world is able to solve many of its economic problems and make the world a better place to live for today’s generation. One of his proudest achievements in his professional life has been receiving two grants from the prestigious National Science Foundation, which he used to study the relationship between geography, trade and prices in world markets.

As the economies of various nations continue to be up and down, Christian is sure to be called upon many times to lend his expertise to numerous situations. Using his vast knowledge of many areas, he is sure to offer interesting opinions and solutions to today’s most pressing issues.

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