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Chris Burch’s Expertise As A Hotelier

Chris Burch is a venture capitalist who has done quite a lot of work in the resort industry, and he is one of the most creative people in the industry. His company has helped made great investments of many properties, and his latest victory is in the Nihiwatu Resort. This article explains how Chris Burch is changing the resort industry by turning around a place that is now a paradise.

#1: Chris’ Background

Chris Burch has a background in the investment field, and he has helped to invest in a number of places around the world as part of his position. He prefers to help people make more of the property they have, and he knows that he may instantly improve a number of properties simply by putting a bit of money into them. He took over at Nihiwatu where he knew that he could make a difference, and it has showed as the resort has blossomed.

#2: Nihiwatu

The Indonesian island of Sumba was turned into a resort with the help of Chris and his partner. They put quite a lot of money into the property, and it was opened as a five-star resort known as Nihiwatu. these are some of the clearest waters in all the world, and this is one of the nicest places in the world to vacation. They wanted to create a paradise that people would flock to for their holidays, and they knew that they could create something special using Chris’ fashion sense and his partner’s expertise.  More of this on businessinsider.com

#3: Designing For the Jet Set

The jet set is the class of people who are coming to this beautiful resort, and they are learning that this hotel offers the finest service and amenities anywhere on the world. Chris is familiar with this as the leader at Tory Burch, and he believes that he may bring in more people simply because of name recognition. This resort is a beautiful place that attracts beautiful people, and it is all because Chris turned around a hostel that had been left dormant.

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There are quite a few people who will come to Nihiwatu on the strength of what Chris Burch has done. He is an expert in the fashion world, and he is a brilliant person who has learned how to make hotels more beautiful. He and his partners have made Nihiwatu into an Indonesian paradise that anyone should visit once.  Check huffingtonpost.com for additional article.

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