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Chris Burch Expands His Business With New Luxury Hotel

Chris Burch is a man who knows how to seek out the beautiful things in life. After all, he is one of the biggest fashion mughals in the entire world, with a business profitable enough to last generations. Chris Burch is extremely well renowned in the world of fashion and is someone who knows a good business opportunity when he sees one. He started out in the professional world as an entrepreneur, and started up his company, making it what it is today. Chris Burch has put a lot of effort into bringing up his companies to reach the peak of his career. His tremendous amount of experience in the world of business is what has given him the knowledge he needs. He possesses the ability to look at the finer aspects of every business venture, thus being able to formulate a plan that would work out best for him and his business, click on mashable.com for a related article. To take his business to the next level, he founded Burch Creative Capital. This is the main parent company under which Chris Burch undertakes all of his business ventures. Currently, he leads Burch Creative Capital as their Chief Executive Officer.  More on bjtonline.com.

Chris Burch is known for having an extremely broad array of businesses to his name. Even so, the fashion companies that he owns are regarded as his prized venture, raking him millions of dollars. Besides fashion, he also diversifies his businesses and invests in technology and various other industries. His newest venture seems to be in the field of hospitality, where he decided to be the proud owner of a world-class luxury hotel.

Built on a beautiful private island in Indonesia, the Nihiwatu is the newest business venture that Chris Burch has partaken in. The hotel is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the entire world and has been given excellent ratings by travel advisors and the people who have visited this beautiful place. Set against an incredibly stunning backdrop of crystal blue waters and pristine white sand, the Nihiwatu redefines luxury and beauty in the purest form, that nature has to offer.

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But the Nihiwatu is not just another business venture for Chris Burch. This project was something that was extremely close to him, as the island was bought by him for his children. The project was started in collaboration with James McBride and is said to have run the two a total of thirty million dollars. To learn more about Burch, visit christopherburch.com.

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