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China Trade Problems Prompt Mikel Watts Led Legal Campaign

The problems facing the already cash strapped agricultural industry in the US grew in 2013 when a shipment of GMO corn was delivered from Swiss supplier Syngenta. Attorney Mikel Watts is seeking corn farmers to join a lawsuit he is bringing against Syngenta after one of the major importers of US corn, China refused to accept all shipments from the US because of the standard of Syngenta based products. The refusal of China to accept all imports from the US was a major blow as 20 percent of the corn produced in the US is exported around the world.

The genetically modified corn from Syngenta made up around three percent of the corn grown in the US, which could not be separated from the other corn grown and produced in America. The inability to determine which corn was Syngenta produced and which was not led to the total ban on corn imports to China from the US, according to The Street. Watts has already been successful in bringing a mass litigation against the Bayer Crop Sciences group for problems caused by their products and is now seeking corn farmers to join his latest case against Syngenta. Watts will file his case against Syngenta on behalf of the corn farmers he represents in 20 states and in Federal courts to seek financial recompense for the lost revenue Syngenta cost the corn industry.

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