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Charter Considering Time Warner Merger

Now that Comcast isn’t merging with Time Warner, another cable company is considering joining forces with the cable company instead. Charter has been eyeing Time Warner for a potential merger for some time now. Flavio Maluf (camarabarbacena.mg.gov.br) sees that, with Comcast out of the picture, the door is open once again for the company to make a bid.

Charter originally tried to buy Time Warner in 2014, placing a bid for the company that was ultimately rejected. Just because they were turned down didn’t mean they were no longer interested. Charter’s CEO has been quoted as saying that it wouldn’t be out of the question for the company to place another bid for the cable provider, perhaps a slightly higher one.

In general, Charter has a better chance of getting their bid approved by the FCC, in part due to their size. The Comcast and Time Warner merger was met with such a significant amount of opposition in part because the two companies were both so large to begin with. Had they been allowed to join forces they would have likely put people like Charter out of business. Charter however is small enough that the merger just might get government approval. It will be interesting to see f both companies decide to move forward with conversations in the future.

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